Friendly Service…and everything you might need while at Eleven Mile Reservoir/State Park

We offer most any item to complement your fishing, boating, camping/RV, and recreational needs while visiting the area. We also boast the most extensive selection of fresh water fishing tackle and fly fishing supplies in the area, and pride ourselves with having the appropriate tackle and gear you might need. Please stop in for a snack, hot or cold beverage, or just to say hello and get the latest fishing report or word on activities in the area. We’d love to be the first to welcome you to our area!

Home of the “Annual No Name Fishing Tournament”

Our 33rd Annual No Name Fishing Tournament was held on May 20th & 21st, 2017. See more info about the No Name Tourney here. You’ll find your NO NAME Tourney entry form here, and the rules and regulations here.

We’ve been taking care of your fishing & camping needs while reporting our local fishing conditions, with picture sharing since the 1960’s! – We’re just a 1/4 mile up from the water at the North Shore docks/park office area; so please stop by the store and say hello. We are the original & oldest commercial business in the Eleven Mile Reservoir area, doing business since 1961.

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At 11 Mile General Store & Liquor, we really try to bring you the friendliest service possible, along with the best varieties of bait and equipment available. You’ll find the latest boating & fishing equipment, baits, & lures appropriate for our area! We also carry a great selection of the most popular outdoor gear you might need. We carry tents, stoves, heaters, lanterns, hats, gloves, socks, towels, backpacks, water bottles, and many other accessories to compliment your outdoor experience. We are here to help you have a great outdoor experience while in the Eleven Mile/Spinney Mtn. reservoir, and 11 Mile Canyon area.

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  • Fishing Tackle & Licenses
  • Camping & RV Supplies
  • Ice Fishing Equipment & Supplies
  • Gasoline/Diesel/Propane
  • Groceries/Pop/Ice Cream
  • Liquor/Beer/Wine
  • Boat & Camper Storage: Join the “11 Mile Yacht Club”
  • Used Boat/Camper Sales
  • Fishing Guide Reference
  • Fishing Report

Local Knowledge

We’ve got lots of local knowledge, fish mounts, and fishing pictures to share, and we boast the best inventory of fishing & camping equipment in the area! We are also the Home of “The No Name Fishing Tournament” held every May! – We’ve got food, snacks, ice cream, & a Liquor Store to help serve your needs! – “Catch A Smile @ 11 Mile” – we are one of Colorado’s top outdoor playgrounds!!!

We’re  located just 1/4 mile up from the shores of Eleven Mile Reservoir/State Park, in beautiful Park County, Colorado. We are also right next to the Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the “Dream Stream.” We’re just 10 miles from Hwy 24 at the town of Lake George, Colorado (our nearest town), and we’re approximately 20 miles from the town of Hartsel. Get Directions here.

11 Mile Yacht Club Boat & RV Storage

Join the Yacht Club! Call for rates and info.

Boat and RV Storage-Lake George, CO

11 Mile Yacht Club

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